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Pregnancy and child-rearing can be a daunting experience especially for those who feel unprepared or simply not ready.  CFI understands and is here to offer support and an option through our Adoption Services Program.  Our exceptionally trained staff know that choosing to place your child up for adoption is one of the most difficult decisions a parent may ever have to make.  However, should you choose to make an adoption plan for you and your baby, the CFI staff will guide you step by step through the process.  We are here for you.


  • An act of self-less, unconditional love by birth parents. 

  • A way to provide children with spiritual, emotional, and financial stability.

  • An opportunity for you to actively decide the best future for you and your baby. 



  • STEP 1: Initiate a confidential phone call and meeting with an Adoption Team member. 

  • STEP 2: Offer ongoing support services throughout your pregnancy regarding your decisions and options, and to provide answers to any questions or concerns you have with each step.

  • STEP 3: Review and selection of potential adoptive parent profiles.

  • STEP 4: Birth of your baby.

  • STEP 5: Complete required Adoptive Paperwork 48 hours after your baby is born. The Adoptive Placement occurs.

  • STEP 6: Post-Pregnancy Counseling--What do I do now? 


CFI spends many quality hours getting to know our adoptive families and the type of home they plan to prepare for your baby. Our adoptive homes come from faith based families of a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Our adoptive families have spent numerous hours in parent training classes preparing for raising and nurturing your baby. Our adoption team has spent time in each adoptive home talking to all of the family members, getting to know them, and learning all about who they are and how they plan on keeping your baby safe, secure, and unconditionally loved. We have prepared each adoptive family for the importance of You, the baby’s birth mother, in the adoptive family triad. 

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